"Thomas Rosenberg was my integral coach for about 3 months and I would absolutely work with Thomas again. Having never had an Integral Coach before, I was initially hesitant, but Thomas really helped me open up. Thomas really helped me get out of my comfort zone. I can be very "Type A" and Thomas helped me understand my needs, how to communicate them, and how to deal with them better. He encouraged me to try new things to live life more fully. I continue to use practices I worked on with Thomas every day and I look forward to working with him again in the future." - Annie

"I worked with Thomas in a personal coaching capacity for 6 months. The headline of that experience is that I've worked with a few coaches over the years and this was by far my most enriching experience. But the real story of our interactions requires reading past the headline. I didn't feel like I was being "coached" at all, rather just had the opportunity to touch base with an old friend for interesting conversation and self-exploration as we move through our respective lives. Thomas helped me to see the critical nature of self-care and rejuvenation, the importance of ritual, and the pivotal role that thankfulness plays in a balanced life. He recognized me as a holistic, complicated, and sometimes irrational person rather than just a professional with a job title. All along, he was learning how I learn and tailoring his approach to my style and what I was experiencing at the time at home or at the office. Would highly recommend Thomas to anyone interested in exploring the opportunity to become their best self!" - Greg

"Thomas is a thoughtful and effective leadership coach. I worked with him over the course of ten sessions and had an excellent experience. He invested a tremendous amount of time and energy into our conversations, coming back with thought-provoking questions and tools for me to use. He was immediately perceptive about some tangible areas where I could focus some of my energy, and then slowly worked up to some bigger themes and questions to consider. I would highly recommend working with Thomas for anyone who's open to coaching." - Charlie

“Thomas is much more than just a business or executive coach and I ultimately picked Thomas for the calming presence he exhibits. I initially looked for a business/executive coach to help me get more accomplished in a day and have more impact on the people around me.  I was approaching burnout at work and didn't even realize it until I started working with Thomas.

Before working with Thomas I had been trying to cram as much into every day as I could, racing around 1,000,000 MPH in the busy technology-filled world while letting the world push and pull me in 101 directions.  I was letting everything feel as though it were a #1 priority.  Thomas helped me to get the world to slow down and I began to realize that slowing down and recharging is okay.  Sometimes taking five minutes to get a glass of water, breathe, enjoy nature or practicing self-care is not taking away from something else of urgency, but is preparing my body and mind for the next challenge.  He worked to equip me with self-care habits, centering exercises and helped me replenish my reserves, so I could be more focused, efficient and operate in the present to overcome obstacles in work and life.

Each week Thomas had an exercise planned that he led me through and he was able to teach me the skills to operate throughout my week feeling more energized and equipped to tackle my week with Focus!  I would highly recommend Thomas as an Executive Coach to anyone looking to find more balance or find ways to achieve more in work or your personal life.

Thomas helped me to be a more effective decision maker and make more of an impact at work. Over the process of working with Thomas I was able to help my company grow more efficiently and ultimately get acquired! “- Ryan