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Bending the Light - Get more done, in less time, with less friction

  • Impact Hub Oakland 2323 Broadway Oakland, CA, 94612 United States (map)

They say money is success...

They say time is money.

But they've got it backward.

Why is money so useful?  Because it buys time, and time gets things done.  

Time is the thing you need.

You can make more money.

Time is theoretically infinite...if you're a god.

If you (like us) are not, you need some other way to stretch time, to get more done with the most limited resource you've got.  That 24 hours we get every day runs awfully short, awfully fast.

Imagine what would happen if you could make an hour longer.

Imagine what would happen if you could get more work done in the same amount of time--not just you, but everyone on your team.

Imagine if even three minutes felt spacious.


Now know this: you don't have to imagine.

Join us on June 27 at Impact Hub Oakland for Bending the Light: an evening of stretching time. In this two hour workshop for entrepreneurs and leaders, we'll lead you through a series of exercises and didactics designed to help you reduce friction, streamline communication and workflow, and find time where you didn't think you had any.


Thomas Rosenberg (CCO, ReGenerate Coaching) specializes in mindfulness in the workplace. Since 1994, Thomas has been working on change leadership and transformation in the US, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa.  As a systems thinker, Thomas blends extensive change leadership and coaching experience with science and applied technology, policy and business expertise. He has guided clients on strategy, environmental initiatives, leadership development, team cohesion and culture creation.  After his own near-fatal bicycle accident Thomas recognized the power and importance of leading a fulfilling life, and created ReGenerate Coaching to help others create a fulfilling life for themselves.

Leela Sinha (CEO, The Intensives Institute) is a leadership and organizational expert. With over twenty years of experience and a background that ranges from the deeply spiritual to the utterly pragmatic, Leela specializes in the needs of visionary leaders and their teams, especially when conflict is getting in the way of the mission. Clients have included hospital executives, founders, small businesses, financial specialists, clinicians, and activists, among others. Leela is the author of You're Not Too Much: Intensives Lives in an Expansive World, and is the developer of the SIEF personality framework.  Leela lives in the Bay Area and works worldwide