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I see coaching as a practice of deepening your learning, your development, your wholeness as a human being. As a coach, I listen for the development that uniquely wants to occur in each client.  From our initial conversation and throughout our time together, I listen on multiple levels, ask questions to understand what your current perspective is and how it manifests in your preferences, your actions, your relationships and your physical environment.  I then provide a new perspective for you to facilitate your living into the future that you seek.  As a result, the coaching is customized to how your process unfolds.

I create and hold a safe space for this exploration to support your inspiration for seeking coaching and to live more richly, more fully.  I will likely ask you to explore new practices, and give you questions to delve into in between sessions.  

The frequency of the sessions and length of engagement depends on what’s being sought and client needs.  Receiving coaching is a commitment to yourself and your development.  It requires an investment of your physical, mental and emotional resources so that the future you create aligns with your values, your goals and your desires.

Benefits of coaching include:

  • Learning to see your existing patterns and whether they support or hinder you
  • Being able to consciously change your response to triggers and how you show up
  • Feeling more empowered, grounded and alive
  • Greater confidence
  • Deeper self-awareness
  • Slowing down
  • Recognizing and cultivating your inherent positive essential qualities
  • Work through personal and professional transitions (e,g. personal and professional “reboots”)
  • Stronger, more authentic communications
  • Clearer leadership


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Working with a coach on the organizational level is different than working as an individual. There are several layers in organizational work - individual, team, group and systemic.  These all interrelate and interact. I work with organizations primarily on the team and systemic levels.  At the systemic level, coaching happens with the organism - the entire entity.  Together we explore the current situation and identify the development that is needed and/or desired.  At the team level, coaching can occur both within the team - working on how the team interacts with each other - and how the team (members) interacts with others.

The organizations I work with are passionate about leading by example, are willing to explore ways of deepening their commitment to their communities, their employees and their supplier networks through creating cultures and structures that move us towards a regenerative future. These organizations focus on deepening the development of their employees and of the organization in a way that aligns core values with their culture, structure and strategy.  Organizations that seek to model regenerative business models are encouraged to reach out. Regenerative organizations and communities are those that cultivate, protect, and enhance their social, economic and natural systems by openly discussing diversity, inclusion, environmental and social justice, and equity in developing and enhancing economic opportunities.  It is a community that (re)invests in all 6 forms of capital - human, social, cultural, manufactured or physical, natural, and financial.


  • Deepening trust
  • Improved communications and (cross-cultural sensitivity?)
  • Facilitating change
  • Developing shared leadership
  • Helping teams build their leadership capacity - individually, as a team and for each other (peer coaching)
  • Aligning organizational culture and structure with commitments made to the community
  • Aligning core organizational values with organizational structure, culture and strategy